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Tibetan Bowl Songs of Soul

Monterey, CA

Experience a sacred Sound Healing Journey Beyond time and space. Unwind with ancient harmonics and vibrations of antique Tibetan Bowls, Bells, planetary tuned Gong and other instruments…   discover what makes your unique soul sing!

Benefits of sound healing

Where Science Meets Spirituality


*Reduce anxiety and depression

*Harmonize brain waves with binaural tones to quiet the mind

*Enjoy a sense of calm and mental well-being

*Cultivate kindness and  compassion towards the Self

*Gain confidence through embracing your authenticity 


*Reduce physical stress in the body and relax completely 

*Create Cardiorespiratory Synchronization to activate the  immune system 

*Stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and blood flow to organs  


*Experience a sense of coming Home; remember your belonging and connection in the universe

*Expand your consciousness and gain clarity from a higher, more spacious, objective place.

*Alter consciousness and connect with Spirit as you travel beyond the limits of mind and body 

*Experience deep states of bliss and joy