learn about tibetan bowl sound healing & FAQ

Monterey, CA


     Sound healing is a process of moving energy with vibrational sound. The sounds of ancient Tibetan bowls bring the energy from your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies into alignment, allowing healing to occur. Tibetan bowl sound healing is proven to reduce mental and physical tension, anxiety, depression and increase spiritual well-being.[1]  


         Sound is a powerful anchor into the present moment. Firstly, focusing attention on sound shifts energy away from mental chatter. Secondly, brain waves entrain with the harmonic frequencies of the Tibetan bowls within twenty minutes. Deep relaxation into the present moment is a result of brainwaves shifting from the normal waking state of Beta into the deep Theta, Alpha and Delta states (associated with deep hypnosis, meditation, deep relaxation and increased creativity).


         Every organ and system in the body entrains or synchronizes to the high vibrations of the Sacred bowls. It begins as sound enters the ears and vibrates the Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve regulates the fight/flight mechanism. When the Vagus nerve is exposed to the healing sounds of the bowls, it signals the message of relaxation into every organ in the body. When the body is able to fully relax, the immune system turns on and healing is possible.

           Additionally, the heart, brain and respiratory system fall into a state of coherence in the presence of healing sound. This process is known as cardiorespiratory synchronization. In other words, it’s when heart rate, brain and respiratory waves become synchronized. The resulting immune system activation allows illness and ‘dis’-ease to heal.


    Sound vibrations move easily through water. Therefore, The human organism is very responsive to sound vibrations because we are 70% water and other fluids. Sound vibrations move through the body, touching each cell. The result is stimulated circulation, muscle relaxation and improvement of lymphatic flow. Moreover, stimulated red blood cells open the blood supply to organs throughout the body.


         Sound vibrations effect cellular and molecular structure. For instance, the study of Cymatics, (the science of tangible visualization of audio frequencies) demonstrates how the structure of water or sand cells becomes a specific geometric shape in the presence of sound. For example, if water is placed into a Tibetan singing bowl and the bowl is struck, the water will respond to that sound and create a sacred geometric pattern. Every single sound corresponds to a unique geometric pattern.

     So, think of the body. Our cells are made of molecules which are made of even smaller components called atoms. At the atomic level, the molecules of our body are moving in geometric patterns, just like the cells. The atoms, which make up a cell, need to be vibrating within a specific geometric pattern or energetic signature to function optimally. When the physical body is exposed to healing sound, there is an energetic recognition and cells return to their natural state of healthy energetic alignment in the Universe; it reminds it of its proper geometric structure. Therefore, I think of illness or dis-ease as the energetic misalignment of molecules and cells within their natural or healthy range of vibration and frequency.


         As the saying goes, ‘our issues are in our tissues.’ Therefore, in order to directly access the cellular memory of dis-ease in our tissues, vibrational energy work is necessary to release energetic blockages.

           Traditional talk therapy, as beneficial as it is, does not address energetic blockages living in the cellular tissues of the body. Healing sound is a powerful energy medicine creating the sacred space necessary to aid in the healing of issues that get stuck in tissues. Vibrational sound helps release energetic blockages such as chronic pain, trauma, stress disorders, depression and more.


    Sound is the very first expression of consciousness. Before light, before matter, there was sound. Even the Bible says: “in the beginning was the Word”, which is none other than sound! Thus, when exposed to healing sound you are accessing the very first building blocks of creation. Your body, emotions and spirit recognize this. Your whole beingness responds to vibrational sound.

         In this modality, I use authenticated ancient (at least 100 years old) Himalayan bowls and instruments from Nepal, Tibet and Bhudan which Tibetan Monks created by hand using seven healing metals whilst imbuing them with healing prayers or “mantras” in a sacred ceremonial fashion. These sacred bowls provide healing on the Quantum level because sacred sounds effect change within our energetic systems at the atomic level.


        These Sacred bowls produce the harmonic frequency of the Sanskrit mantra “Om” or “Aum.” This is the  primordial sound of creation. Fundamentally, the universe is made of vibrating, pulsating energy. Vibration creates sound.  OM is considered the sound produced by the original vibration from which the entire universe manifested. In other words, OM is the sound of vibration allowing energy to convert to matter.

           The fundamental frequency OM, gives birth to and contains all other frequencies in the Universe. Similarly, through the power of harmonics, each note within a Sacred bowl contain all the other notes within it. For example, one note contains the many and the many contain the one. Just as the frequency of OM contains all other frequencies and all frequencies fundamentally contain OM. This is the magic of the Sacred bowls and why they are known as wise teachers. They contain the Buddhist teachings about interconnectedness and how nothing exists independently of anything else. Aligning with the frequency of OM brings body, mind and spirit into synch with universal energetic flow producing feelings of spaciousness and bliss. 

      To sum it up, the healing harmonics produced by the Tibetan bowls are firmly grounded within the foundational vibration of Om, connecting us to the Unified Field of Consciousness; the formless One Consciousness, which we are all unique expressions of. 


         In addition to the vibrational healing sounds of the Tibetan bowls, I also offer energy balancing (gentle touch on meridian points), visualization/meditation and counseling to bring awareness and compassion to core beliefs and emotions. This approach is based in empowering you to realize your own inner wisdom so you may live with a sense of freedom and authenticity.

          To heal, or become whole, often happens when we shift the relationship we have with ourself. In other words, healing happens when we start to shift from the tendency of self-aggression and self-abandonment towards compassionate attunement. It is the practice of befriending ourselves.  Cultivating patience, curiosity/openness, space, warmth, and empathy (and a bit of humor!) towards the Self.

         “Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections that we don’t even want to look at. Without giving up hope- that there’s someone better to be, that there’s somewhere better to be- we will never relax with where we are or who we are.” Pema Chodoron


  1. Goldsby, Tamara. PhD, et al. “Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension and Well-Being: An Observational Study.” Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, v(22)3: 401-406


How does Tibetan bowl sound healing work?    This modality combines the use of ancient Himalayan bowls (known commonly as Tibetan bowls), sacred sound instruments and tools, gong, intention, gentle touch, visualizations, color, toning and patterned vibrational sounds of sacred geometry to bring one into energetic alignment and deep states of well-being. The bowls are struck or “sung” in specific rhythms and patterns to reach their full harmonic potential of “OM”, the frequency of Perfection. Synchronization of the brain and heart waves with the harmonic frequency of OM activates the parasympathetic nervous system interfering with the pain reflex, allowing the brain, respiratory and heart rate to slow down. The result is the experience of deep states of relaxation and well-being.

What are the benefits?  Some of the many benefits are alleviation of physical pain both acute and chronic, diminished anxiety and depression and the ability to enter altered states of consciousness. After sessions clients report feeling very grounded and centered, feeling lighter, having clarity, improved memory, improved sleep, more energy, more confidence, and ability to take action in their lives. Many report out of body experiences, feeling their connection to the universe, feeling held and loved by the presence of something greater than themselves, and a deep sense of peace, joy, and bliss.

What is a session like?   Sessions are offered for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. The first 10-15 mins of a session is devoted to anchoring into the present moment through breath work and intention setting. The rest of the session is devoted to sound immersion. You will lay on a mat on the floor, fully clothed, and have bowls placed and played around your head and body. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing without buttons, zippers or jewelry.

How many sessions do I need?    I recommend a series of a minimum of 4, but preferably 6 sessions for you to receive the full effect from the sound healing. The first few sessions are dedicated to grounding, clearing, and balancing your energetic and physical body; you may experience a spontaneous release of energetic blockages and toxins. The next several sessions are dedicated to strengthening and energizing your alignment with the bowls based on your individual needs. I also use visualizations, meditations, and compassionate inquiry to help bring awareness to areas of challenge while you are in an altered/expanded state as this facilitates healing through creating a strong mind/body connection. After these initial sessions, clients usually like to return a few times a year for a ‘tune’ up.    

Will I benefit from a session even if I feel fine?    Yes, absolutely. Sound healing offers the ability to enter into expanded, altered states of consciousness where you can feel more connected to life and to the universe, as well as reach deeper states of meditation, joy and bliss.