Welcome to Tibetan Bowl Songs of Soul! My name is Stephanie Burch. I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and am a Certified Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner and Gong Master. I combine Western psychodynamic inquiry, Buddhist philosophy and antique Tibetan bowls, bells, gong and other instruments to facilitate healing with an emphasis on cultivating kindness and compassion towards Self and others. I offer individual and group sound healing sessions, breath work/guided meditation, toning, space clearing and am available for events. I worked in the mental health field for 17 years in various settings including at the VA and Stanford University. 

         As a long time researcher and practitioner of various healing methods, I finally found my hOMe in the practice of Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing. As the saying goes, “when the Student is ready the Teacher appears.” Subsequently, my soul led me to discover the power of Tibetan bowl healing just by chance. I soon found Diane Mandle’s Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School. I made an appointment with one of the graduates from her school to try a session and the rest is history!

          This first session I experienced absolutely blew me away; I felt more connected to mySelf and more trust about my belonging to this life, to Love, and to the Universe than I ever felt before. I felt a lightness both mentally and physically. I felt every cell in my body was vibrating and buzzing with joy and bliss! In my heart I knew that I had stumbled upon something very sacred, very powerful. If you want to reconnect with who you truly are: a unique expression of the formless One Consciousness in form, then this is the place for you!