What People are saying...

“I had the privilege of working with Stephanie over a period of six weeks in 2020 and six more weeks in 2022. She is by far the most talented energy sound healer that I’ve ever experienced. I was hooked after the very first session! Her calming nature and grounding energy is healing in itself. Her knowledge of the bowls and energy systems will transform your body, mind and soul, on a deep healing journey that is sacred and individual to each recipient. I could write pages about all the benefits I received while in her care. She is a blessing to all! When the student is ready, the teacher appears! Love you Stephanie!” ~ Natalie K.

“Stephanie is the sweetest, purest, most authentic healer I know. Steph helped me get to the place I needed to reach  to shed the burden I needed to lay down in order to glow and live fully. For that I will always remember you!” ~Jackie H.

“Just finished my 6 week sessions with Stephanie in Tibetan Bowl sound healing. It was a very rewarding experience, each week was a new awareness for me to look at, and the sound of the bowls is very soothing.  Highly recommend you give yourself this gift and experience” ~Marge

“I’ve recently had the opportunity to experience six weeks of song bowl therapy with Steph.  To say that this was a unique experience is an understatement.  Every week was different, felt different and the after effects were different.  I love the way you can set an intention at the beginning of your session and it turns out to be something so much more at the end. It’s helped  me release and heal from past trauma.  It’s helped me to manage pain and in fact improve my pain without me even realizing it. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to expand on their self care. Steph is so professional and knowledgeable,  it’s been a joy to work with her every week.” ~Kaycie C.

“Stephanie is truly a gift. I feel blessed to have worked with her and will continue to do so. She is a true healer, a light and gentle soul.”~Debra S.